Kaleidoscope Services provides HIPAA compliant print and letter mailing services to companies nationwide.              United States Postal Service
HIPAA compliant letter mail(EOB, Statements, Claims) for companies in the healthcare industry

In-house Job tracking and job confirmation:
With our high speed mail inserters and DRS system we are able to track each letter with a 2D barcode. 
This allows us to provide a high degree of quality control and send confirmation reports back showing
your mail was completed and mailed.

What is IMb Tracing?
IMb Tracing provides you with near real-time tracking information about your First-Class Mail®, Periodicals,
and Standard Mail letters and flats. There are two types of IMb Tracing that let you know where your mail is,
and when it will be delivered. Both provide you advance notice of when your mailpieces will arrive.

  1. Destination IMb Tracing service (for outgoing mail) gives you advance information about when your
    mailpieces will reach their destinations.
  2. Origin IMb Tracing service (for incoming mail) lets you anticipate when customers' checks, replies,
    or orders are on the way back to you.
How does IMb Tracing help your business?
IMb Tracing helps you track important or time-sensitive mail, such as direct mailpieces, catalogs, checks,
and statements.
  • Tracking your checks, statements, and other messaging helps you improve your cash flow management, reduce dunning notice costs, spot potential fraud, and optimally staff your call centers.
  • Tracking your Direct Mail pieces to your customers helps you coordinate message delivery with other marketing events, ensure timely delivery of messages, improve customer relationships, and plan future marketing campaign strategies.
  • Tracking Postal Service delivery of mail being sent to you will let you better manage your supply chain


The USPS IMpb(Intelligent Mail Package Barcodes) that are produced with Parcel and Flat Mail provide you with exact real-time tracking information to the doorstep of the recipient. Our proprietary tracking system will provide you will daily reports containing the tracking numbers for your mailpieces.


We also offer returned mail processing services to reduce the burden of keeping track of mail that was undeliverable. Weekly reports will be provided to you containing the details of each returned mailpiece. This list can then be used by your company to contact the intended recipients for corrected addresses to reduce the volume of returned mail on future mailings.

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HIPAA compliant print and letter mailing services

HITRUST certified print and letter mailing services